“Grünerløkka is a vibrant and cool area”

Who are you?

My name is Andreas Verdich; I live at Grünerløkka and work as a property manager.

Why do you live at Grünerløkka?

What I like about living here is that it is a central and nice location in Oslo. It’s a vibrant and cool area with a lot going on. Grünerløkka is quite unique compared to other neighbourhoods in Oslo because of the average age here being so low. People enjoy being outside and using the city, whether walking along Akerselva river, going to the flea market at Birkelunden, or having a Mango IPA at a local bar.

What is the perfect day for you in Oslo?

My perfect day in Oslo would be a nice summer day in the middle of the holiday. Meeting up with some friends at Sørenga where we swim and enjoy ourselves all day, before returning to løkka for a barbecue in the backyard.