Stories from our community

Alva has an extensive network of exciting people who work and live in our neighbourhoods. Read about some of them here.

Fridtjof Seeberg, owner of Skaal Matbar.

A unique neighbourhood spot at løkka

Skaal is a low-key place, so I wanted to use the word Matbar, because it’s more relaxed than the term restaurant. I wanted a bar feeling, but with really good food.

Elisabeth Tollisen in front of her store, Mølleren Sylvia.

A biodynamic gem in the middle of the city

I was born and raised in the building next door and I have many childhood memories from this street. When I was little there was a milk store across the street, “Ellas Kolonial” was on the corner further down, and the vegetable seller “Tang” was up at number 20.

Man holding a glass

“Grünerløkka is a vibrant and cool area”

Andreas has lived in «Løkka» for the past two years where he also works, and he loves the area. The mix of cultures and youthfulness in the area really makes me really feel at home, and this place is my first recommendation for anyone looking for a place to call home in the Oslo area!”